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Visit The 5 Top Destinations of Astonishing Pondicherry

Pondicherry, one of the top destinations in India where tourists definitely make a visit in their lifetime. If you plan for a trip to Pondicherry do make a visit to these magnificent places which will make your trip a memorable one. Pondicherry was recorded as the dutch, Portuguese, British and French colonialists made their presence here and went back as soon as the Indians got independence. It has now become a union territory and many traders used to be here as the early times. You’ll also experience a mixed religion here. If you love watching historical monuments and water areas then you are at the right destination. Let’s check out the top destinations of Pondicherry.

Places To Visit In Pondicherry

Paradise Beach

It is located in Chunnambar which is close to the Pondicherry town. The beach is embellished with the golden sand and is highly sought after the beach which is waving in a cold sea breeze. The beach is isolated a bit and to therefore to reach this beach, visitors have to go on a ferry which will hardly take 20-30 minutes. the beach is remarkably grainy and you can walk near the beach to experience the cool breezes. It is highly advisable not to go deep in the backwaters.

French War Memorial

This is a memorial that was built in the 20th century where soldiers were given a tribute who had attained the first world war.  The memorial was constructed in the year 1971 and its architecture is unique and fascinating. The French war memorial is open to visitors all 24 hours so you can easily visit at the time that suits you. the place is entirely dedicated to the soldiers and holds a significant importance. To honor their memory, every year on 14th July the memorial is decorated. If you are interested in visiting the place, you can visit any time and there are no entry fees to visit this memorial.

Pondicherry Museum

This is a popular and the most astonishing places to visit. the popular sightseeing places where tourists visit the most and are within the nearby areas of Pondicherry. By visiting this place, you'll come to know about the history of the Pondicherry and its colonial past. some of the evidence is from the Arikamedu Roman settlement. there are also present some of the rare sculptures in stone and bronze from the ancient cholla and the Pallava dynasties. The museum also comprises of numerous shells from all over the Pondicherry region. the museum could be the most interesting place so tourists without taking much time can plan to visit the museum. the timings are 9 am to 6.30 pm and on Mondays, the museum remains closed. the entry fee is very minimal around 10 rupees per person.

Aurobindo Ashram

Aurobinda Ashram is Situated in the white town of Pondicherry which is named after its originator Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. The establishment of this Ashram was laid on 24th November in the year 1926 when the disciples were all around the originator. at that moment he was retired from politics and then settled in Pondicherry. The motive of the establishment of the ashram was to assist people to attain moksha and inner peace. people were very fascinated and enlightened their inner body and soul. well, there are no entrance fees to visit the ashram. As it was architectured in the early 90's people come to see its and the library.

Church Of Sacred Heart Of Jesus

The perfect sightseeing place to visit and make your mind enlightened. The great thing about the church is that it has gothic architecture and is stained windows represent the life, time of Jesus Christ. the church was constructed in 1908 and is a highly recognized place in Pondicherry.  Do visit this exotic church. You'll be pleased by the architecture and there is no limit to visit the church. if you love watching historical places monuments then this is the perfect place for you. Tourists can visit whenever they want as it is twenty-four hours open.

What is the best time to visit Pondicherry?

To visit Pondicherry is most suitable to visit from October to March because of the temperature which ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celcius. For few years, Pondicherry has surely been the gem of South India and an ideal holiday destination. here the summers are extremely hot and the temperature and the temperature goes to 40-degree Celcius infrequently. Monsoons are also a magnificent time to visit Pondicherry despite the rainfalls. Therefore, the pleasant time is all up to the tourist when eager to visit. the destination has various festivals from season to season so come and celebrate a range of festivals which fascinate a lot of tourists. 

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