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North states of India depict some historical history of India. Whether it was Britishers who ruled or the Mughals, they always were enticed by the north of India. One such place is Amritsar. Amritsar is situated in Punjab state and is one of the districts of Punjab. And in Punjab, the most famous place is the golden temple. Sikh people, every year come here to visit the golden temple. Due to its immense popularity and construction did, it is stated as one of the top temples of India. Every day more than one lakh people visit this Amritsar Mandir and eat langar here. The temple is made of marble and is kept very clean every moment.

Once you visit this temple then you’ll first have to take a bath in the water that surrounds the temple. Early morning around 4 am, people come and take a bath in this holy water and stand in a line to take Lord’s blessings. Amristar is a beautiful place and is popular for the golden temple, Jallian Wala Bagh, and Wagah border. There are many numerous places that we will give you a brief description of the reference. Once you look for the places also search for the Hotels In Amritsar that are affordable and offer the best amenities to their customers. If some are not there but make sure you get them even if have to pay.

Places To Visit In Amritsar

To plan for an Amritsar Package, you need to do your homework pretty well. Make a firm decision before booking a package. Make a list of the top places that you wish to visit and if you are not that clear with the places, then you can follow our list of top places that are worth watching. So here is the list that you can go through and make your respectively.

Golden Temple

Golden temple is the world-famous shrine of Sikhism. As its name suggests its roof and some parts are made of gold. It is a very spiritual place for every Indian and tourist from all over the world to come and visit this place. This sacred place can’t be expressed in words. After many fights during various administrators, this place was reconstructed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1830. The king made the golden temple of marble and gold which made it even more famous since that time. During your visit to Amritsar Mandir, you will see various street markets along the roadside to Amritsar. Golden temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib. Some won’t is aware of this name and mostly know by the name of the golden temple. In 1984, the golden temple was attacked and many Sikh devotees died. Golden temple is in the middle and all-round is covered with water. By taking the Best Hotels In Amritsar you can visit maximum places that we have listed here in one go.

Wagah Border

To visit the Wagah border, you have to travel 28 km from the Amritsar city. It marks the boundary to Pakistan and everyday tourists come to this border to mark their strength. Similarly, in the Pakistan area, people of their nation come and participate in the parade which is held every day. If there is a tense atmosphere around only then this parade is not performed. Your visit to the Wagah border will give you a patriotic feeling and you’ll feel enthusiastic as soon as you see defense people cheering along with you. Come here, salute to the national flag while cheering for the nation during the parade.

Jallianwala Bagh

This place is very close to the golden temple of Amritsar. It is kept public for everyone. During British rule, so many innocent people were killed. You can also see the firing spots and the cage and well where people were killed. Indians have gone through so much during that time and all this happened because of general Dyer. he gave orders to his army men and killed so many Sikh people. After this, a memorial was constructed in remembrance of the people who died in that incident. The Indian government established this memorial in 1951 after we got independence in 1947. The memorial was inaugurated by dr. Rajendra Prasad on 13 April 1961. This is one of the major Tourist Places in Amritsar where people definitely come to see the dark history of India.

Maharaja Ratan Singh Museum

The incredible palace was turned into a museum for the public. If you love exploring such places then you are in the right place. This place as stated was built and constructed by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. During your visit to the palace, you’ll see stunning paintings, manuscripts, old coins, arms, and armor. Outside view of the palace is awesome as it is surrounded by the Rambagh garden and the statue of the king with his horse. Many people click their pictures while their visit to this place. Whenever you book your Amritsar Package, do include this place in your list. It’s worth watching and will cover a whole day.


If you are looking for any affordable package and want to include maximum services then compare who brings maximum services at the rates less to the other. We have included a list that supports most of the services that are authentic and generally every agency offers to its customers. In case you demand more services, then, in that case, you have to pay for them. The itinerary includes,

  • Air tickets
  • Hotel stay
  • Transit ( from airport to hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast


Tourists have to pay for the items or services that is not there in the itinerary. We give you a general itinerary that will help you at the time of booking. If you want any facility and want to include in your package then you have to ask for them and have to pay accordingly.

  • Sightseeing
  • Tourist guide
  • Lunch and dinner

You can customize and book your package whenever you want. Look for various affordable Amritsar Tour Packages that give you all places which are worth watching. If you want any reference then you can search for the information here. We have given a brief description that will help you with the places and the itinerary. The travel companies even give discounts to their valuable customers during the festive season.

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