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To visit Auli, take a break of at least one week to get the feel of the mountains. There are many Auli Sightseeing Packages available that you can look for. The exotic beauty of this place is truly a place to live in. you would definitely love to be a part of this place. The greenery especially the dense forest is absolutely stunning. For a honeymoon couple, this is truly a perfect place to be. Get in touch with the travel agents and immediately book for Auli Resorts.

Auli Trip Packages will give you all the facilities that you are looking for separately on your own. Nowadays it’s easy to hunt for an Auli Trip Packages and leave your work to them.

Places to visit in Auli

If you are an adventurous person then this place is for you. In fact, every person can visit this place. There is no reason that only a bachelor can come here. So before booking make a note of the places that are worth watching. The are many beautiful places in Auli for which book Auli Resort but we have come up with some of the top places for you.

Auli artificial lake

This artificial lake is man-made and provides beautiful scenery where local people and tourists can to skiing. If you capture the images you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this lake. This is truly the Best Place To Stay In Auli. The ski track is located beside the lake for all beginners as well as professionals. To reach this lake you can travel on cable cars from Joshimath. You can look for Best Hotels In Auli and make your trip a memorable one. 

Trishul Peak

As the name suggests, this peak is a collection of three Himalayan mountains peak that looks like a Trishul. This is the reason why this mountain is called the Trishul peak. This peak has a height of more than 7000 meters and there are some who have climbed this peak as it was recorded in history. Moreover, this was the first peak which was first climbed by someone. This place remains cold all year even during the month of March and April snowfall is experienced.


It is a hill town having a height of about 6150 feet. This hill station is known for its outstanding beauty. Here so many Hindu shrines are present. The mountain and the dense forest make it more beautiful than anything. Alaknanda and Dhauliganga cross over this place and people come to worship lord Badri in their particular temples which were constructed in ancient times. People are very spiritual here and cordial too if you face a problem. Tourists visit the temple and go for trekking here.

Rudra Prayag

This incredible place lies in the confluence of river Alaknanda and river Mandakini. This is a sacred place and of great religious beliefs. Because of so many temples here, this place brings a spiritual vibe. It’s full of several religious temples. You have to devote time to just finish off with the temples. It’s exciting because each shows some history behind it from our cultural and religious beliefs.


This is a confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini. Here you’ll come across spiritual landscapes that will definitely entice you. By click pictures here will definitely get you back to this place. This place is surrounded by 900 meters with beautiful sceneries that attract various tourists from all over the world. While visiting this place you have to keep your woolen clothes with you as You never know when rain and snowfall may arrive. Fr honeymoon couple this chilled place is worth visiting.

Gurso Bugyal

This is a dainty town from where you can see the Himalayan peak. It completely freezes in winter. You have to carry your winter wear even if you are coming during summers to this destination. Similarly, this place for your couple is a perfect holiday destination. If you are single then you can come here with your friends and do some adventurous activities. For instance, you can go on the timer train by taking it from Joshimath.


This is an incredible destination in Auli Tour Packages that you must visit as keep it as your first preference. It’s a small lake which is 4 km from Auli and covered with dense forest trees such as deodar, pine, and oak. If we calculate its height its about 3300 meters from the sea level. Tourists usually visit this place and go for trekking. For a family person, it’s a peaceful place that you’ll never want to skip. Hilly places are generally very attractive and people living in the mountains are very calm and nice to others.


We have prepared an itinerary that will help you out at the time of booking your Auli Packages. Make a firm decision and look for the various offers which are affordable and not too heavy on your pocket. To include anything you have to pay for it on the spot. the itinerary includes,

  • Air tickets
  • Hotel stay
  • Transit ( from airport to hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast


We are giving a very general itinerary that will help you at the time of booking. If you want any facility and want to include in your package then you have to ask for them and have to pay respectively.

  • Sightseeing
  • Tourist guide
  • Lunch and dinner

If you are planning to book a package make necessary decisions that will help you at the time of booking. Even for hotel stay look for the amenities that they will provide you. If you want any reference then you can search for the information here. We have given a brief description that will help you with the places and the itinerary. The travel agencies even give discounts to their valuable customers during the festive season. So also keep an eye on this to get the best possible offer.

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