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From whichever part of India you belong to, if you’ve never been to Delhi then you haven’t seen anything. Delhi is stated as the heart of India where population ratio is increasing day by day. The most surprising and best thing about Delhi is that it is great for food. Here you’ll see a blend of Punjabi, Bengali, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Mughlai cuisine. Delhi Tourism has proved that Delhi leads in all spheres whether it be cuisine, trendy clothes, fashion, or classy restaurants all are fascinating and in reach of every generation of people. Delhi Packages offer various sightseeing, amenities at least minimum charges. If you’ve never been to Delhi and want to visit then look for various packages according to your requirements.

Visting Delhi is great fun with that you have to keep certain things in mind that it is preferable to visit Delhi from the month of October to February. This is the perfect time to travel as the climate at this time is moderate. Summers are the worst to visit Delhi so it is recommended to travel during this time duration. Winters are chilled here so do carry your winter wear. If we talk about its main attractions, Delhi has so many destinations ton visit as Delhi is surrounded by so many states. Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab all are nearby. You can choose your package accordingly. Delhi itself is surrounded by so many monuments and parks that it will take days to complete. I’ll be discussing some of the astonishing places that you must visit while looking for  Delhi Packages.

Delhi Attractions

You might have visited many destinations but Delhi is a metropolitan city where people have a love for cuisine and clothing. Delhi is the only city where trends come and go fast. Here, you’ll find both cheap and costly markets. Its all up to you whichever way you want to go to. There are so many Delhi Tourist Attractions that can tourist explore within few days.

Delhi Attractions are many but for you to make it easy we have listed some of the places that you must visit. If you don’t have an idea, follow our way and visit accordingly. Also, we have discussed the amenities you want to include and exclude. the top Places To Visit In Delhi are as follows:

Lotus Temple

As its name suggests its architecture is in the shape of a lotus. It’s stated as the last lotus temple around the world which was constructed in the year 1986. The reason behind choosing a lotus shape to the temple was religious beliefs among the different religions in the world. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam all had faith in this symbol. People of all religions come and visit this temple. There is no such practice that you have to follow to be a part of this temple. The water pools are constructed that surround the temple which every evening is lighted up. I would prefer you to visit this place during the sunset till night. The water pool and the lighting is a perfect blend.

Red Fort

Delhi’s heritage which was constructed during the Mughals is a place worth seeing. Mughals constructed this fort during 1638 and named in Lal Qila. Mughals constructed this fort in such a way that the surroundings of the wall were as high as 33 meters. Tourists love to visit this fort as it depicts signs of Mughals how they ruled and what they made. Every evening visitors come from all over the world to visit this red fort where visitors get enticed with light and show. This show covers the history of India by giving it a blend of light and voice over.

India Gate

India gate is one of the top Delhi Attraction with which every Indian is aware and proud of. If we talk about its architecture, it is 42 meters in height. It is stated as the heart of the city. India gate resembles the arc-de-Triomphe in Paris. India Gate is also famous for its light and sound show. Voice over and light here makes the atmosphere more enthusiastic and depicts the history of the India gate.

Lodi Garden

You might have heard about the beauty of this garden. The Lodi Garden was constructed during the British rule in 1939. It is spread across 90 acres of land and is well managed by the Delhi Tourism today. Similar to other places in Delhi, Lodi garden also offers light and sound show. People usually come in the morning to jog and meditate here. Its the main center of attraction.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

As its name suggests, its a religious temple where the main attraction is its superb architecture. This temple is the main attraction for tourists where a marvelous architecture, huge sprawling garden, and boat ride is awesome. If you are not aware of this temple my personal preference would be that you must visit this site. This temple covers a huge area and it takes a whole day to explore. If you are new to this place don’t worry food court is available here for all tourists.

If you are not aware of the packages you can search for them online. We can give a general reference on how to search for affordable Hotels In Delhi. Well, its all up to you concerning your budget. There are two-star, three-star, four-star, five-star Hotels In Delhi. All you have to communicate with the one that offers the best services to you. Packages may differ according to your desirability. So whatever you want to include and exclude is somehow optional or you have to pay an extra charge for certain things. 


  • Flight tickets (both ways)
  • Hotel stay
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Delhi Sightseeing's
  • Transfer ( station to the hotel and vice versa)


  • Lunch and dinner
  • Sightseeing charges
  • Tourist guide

Immediately grab packages and make the most of it. Generally, offers are attractive and offer some discounts at times during the festive season. As our write is on the top Delhi destinations, hope you gained some information on Delhi places that you should visit or are planning to. 

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