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Kasauli Tourism

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Kasauli is a very famous hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. Waterfalls, high peaks, lakes, valleys, forests are the home to the Kasauli. In Kasauli Tourism, there are so many Natural picturesque sites. There are plenty of Cheddar and Pine Tree forests and these forest adds more beauty to the town same like food spices. By Kasauli Tourism one can explore the whole city within a few days. If you are searching for the best hill stations to visit then you can also give a try to Kasauli Trip. From all over the world peoples visit Kasoli to explore the Kasauli Attractions. If can easily get Kasauli Tour Packages at an affordable rate. This town includes soo many tourist places where you can visit and make lots of memories.

Kasauli Trip

Top Places To Visit In Kasauli

For your Kasauli Package, the best time to visit is all year-round. You don’t have to wait for a certain season to visit here. This destination is generally between Chandigarh and Shimla. As this is the Chandigarh and Shimla highway, there are several Best Hotels In Kasauli from which you can choose easily. Here the temperature is generally moderate. In case, you are not that aware of the places then we are here giving you a short description o the places that are worth watching.

Timber Trail

Timber Trail is a small city that is well known for ropeway rides. In this city, there are so many pine and coniferous trees forests. The lush greenery of the hill station makes the city more engaging and appealing. The scene from the height of the Timber Trail is soo wonderful that it can attract anyone's heart. To enjoy and explore Timber Trail do take a ropeway ride.

Sunset Point and Lover's Lane

Sunset Point and Lover's Lane is the place where lots of tourists visit to view and capture the sunset. At this tourist place, you can also view the pine landscapes and valleys. Don't forget to take a camera with you as here you can click pictures with your loved ones and even you can make videos. This spot is best for those who love landscape and nature photography as here you can view so many types of beautiful picturesque. Try to visit this place in the morning, afternoon or the early evening because this place is not soo mush safe at night as at this site there are not so many facilities. You can look for a Kasauli Resort nearby as Lover’s Lane is the Best Place To Stay In Kasauli as Budget Tour Package.

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji is the holy place where you can visit with your loved ones and do prayer. This spot is one of the favorite spots of tourists. If you will visit Guirudawa on festival days then you cal also enjoy the langar food as we all know that Gurudwara langar food is so delicious. The Gurudwara also provides so many other facilities so if you need any help then you can ask for it.

Baptist Church

This beautiful Baptist Church is structured by Britisher in 1923, its church is famous for its artistic architectures. If you want to experience peace and harmony then you must visit Baptist Church. In 2008 the church was damaged in the fire and the internal furnishings were destroyed which has been maintained by the government afterward. People come and light candles here and also after taking the blessings move forward for another destination which leads the road to monkey point.

Monkey Point

Kasauli's one of the famous and highest point is Monkey Point. At this destination, there is a small Hanuman Temple where you can visit can make wishes. This is one of the top Tourist Places In Kasauli that every visitor must plan for if they are coming to Kasauli. The lush greenery surrounds Monkey Point and makes this place more beautiful. At this place, you can see scenic views and even can capture images in your camera. The Hanuman Temple is situated at the top peak of the mountain and this temple is home of the Monkeys. If you are an animal photography lover then for you this place is best as here you can click the birds and money pictures.

Gilbert Trail

One of the places for your Kasauli Sightseeing tour is the Gilbert Trail. Gilbert trail is surrounded by greenery on both sides of the stone walkway. It strengths to 1.5 km with stone walkway which makes it even look more attractive an a true paradise. You’ll experience a lot of flora and fauna in the gilbert trail. I would highly recommend you to visit this place once in your lifetime. Besides the lush greenery, you’ll experience the birds chirping which will freshen up your mind. To visit this place in Kasauli you don’t have to pay any charge. It’s free of cost.

Kasauli Tour Package

Christ Church

Christ Church is located in the mall road which you can easily visit whenever you cross the town. It is generally surrounded by greenery and is one of the oldest churches of Himachal Pradesh. Once you enter this church you’ll be mesmerized with the gothic architecture and the cemetery around. It’s too close to the Kasauli bus stand. To visit the church the time is around 7 am to a pm.


If you are looking for Kasauli Packages, then you must go through the services what all is included in your packages and make arrangements accordingly. Also, book for Kasauli resorts that offer maximum services to their tourists. In case you want to add to your itinerary then there is provision to include. Simply pay for it on the spot.

  • Air tickets
  • Transit ( station to hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wi-Fi


To book Kasauli Hotels, look for the best services at affordable prices. We have mentioned a general itinerary so in case you want to include the most of it then there is provision to add maximum things in your itinerary only you have to pay for it apart from your package.

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Kasauli Sightseeing
  • Elephant and camel ride
  • Flying fox activity

The places in Kasauli are so many that you won’t be able to cover in three days. We have selected some of the places that will interest you and you can put these places in your priority. In case you are looking for an affordable Kasauli Package, then search online and compare the prices. Some Travel agencies give discounts on certain occasions. They might offer a discount during festive season if you book Kasauli Resorts.

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