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Kerala is known for its high tremendous temples that you must watch once in your lifetime especially if you are a citizen of India. As it’s towards the water areas its natural beauty will make you entice even more. Kerala Tourism has kept its beauty to the fullest and keep on giving tourists attractive offers that make them delighted to watch every now and then. Kerala is well known for its art and dance form. They have the best sea cuisine and coconut in India. Coconut is mainly seen in the coastal parts of India.

Every year the festival is performed where boat racing is the famous one. Another famous race is seen among elephants. They decorated pretty well and performed at the festival.  If you are planning to book a hotel in Kerala, you can engage with some travel age4nts who can help you with this. There are so many online sites that you can look up to for Kerala Packages. Look for a very affordable Kerala Hotel and make arrangements respectively.

Best Tourist Places In Kerala

If you are planning to come to the coastal side of India then this i9s the best place for you. Plan according to your budget and make sure of the places that you want to add in your package. We have come up with some of the top places that are worth watching. You can plan with your friends and family members as you wish. All you need to know the best time to visit this place.


Munnar is a perfect destination for a honeymoon couple. This place attracts tourists from all across the world. Tea plantation in this area is the most covering 80,000 miles of tea plants. Munnar is a hill station and it has so honeymoon couples are mostly seen here. You will experience cozy homestays and cute bungalows that will definitely entice each one of you. The best time to visit this place is from the month of October to march. Everything is near to this airport whether you come through the airport or railway station. The nearest airport that you can look for is Kochi airport which is about 143 km and Aluva railway station is the one which has a distance of about 110 km from Munnar. There are so many incredible things that you can do. 


The waterways stretch to its south, south, and east forming a glorious scenery. Here you’ll experience coconut trees in abundance. The normal life here commutes through the wooden boats whether they are going to school, office or to the orchids. The village women pad their crops and the kids play near the areas. They have Chinese fishing nets which are very strong and easy for their livelihood. Their main food is seafood so they are more dependent on fishing.


This place shares the borders with Karnataka and Tamil Naidu. The elephant corridor, which is part of the western ghats creates breathtaking mountain scenery.  Here you can explore blazing green paddy fields, bamboo jungles, fields of ginger shrubs, betel nut groves, and plantations of coffee, cardamom, rubber, and eucalyptus. This place is also known for the coffee plantation and spice plantation. The Britishers played a major role in creating the roads that and are functional until this government time. You can plan for Kerala Honeymoon Packages and must include this destination in your package. Never visit this place in the off-season and make a list before arrival so that you are not confused about anything.

Fort Kochi

This city is famous for 600 years and from that time travelers, traders and explorers are coming and doing business with this city. Here you’ll come across cultural hotels that have gained popularity since that time. T5his place gives a blend of various cultures who did business here or might have stayed here forever. This unique blend of Holland, Portugal and English villages makes it exciting and happening all around the city. 


This place has gained immense popularity for its Russian tourists who come and stay here in terms of doing business.  Around this region, regular yoga classes, extensive Ayurvedic therapies, a nutritious diet following the Sattvik elements is somehow mandatory. This place is known for its trendy traditional jewelry and casual wear. They are also known for their fresh seafood and grilled fish. Book Kerala Tour and see the best way for your package. Honeymoon couples are seen a lot here and they click pictures and do the party outside the borne fire. 


So if you are planning Kerala Packages, look for the various travel agencies that offer packages at discounted rates. We have given a general description that will help you out with the package and will make your pocket easy on you. Don’t forget to mention every detail so that it’s easy at the time of arrival.

  • Air tickets
  • Hotel Booking 
  • Transit (station to the hotel and vice versa)
  • Mumbai Sightseeing
  • Complimentary breakfast


Here we have mentioned what generally a customer gets and doesn’t get at the time of booking for a package. So don’t get upset and look for a very reliable source for yourself. You can also ask the travel agents to mention their details and the terms and conditions of their package so that there is no problem at the time of the arrival.

  • Sports activities
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Tourist guide

The information might have helped you at some point in choosing the places and services that you want from the travel agents. You can discuss and demand according to your requirements. Every agency has its terms and policies so you have to see which interests you and suits your pocket as well. So read all the conditions and according to book your Kerala Packages Tour. We have mentioned a general itinerary that would help you with booking a Package.

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