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A Well known hill station in Pune district of Maharashtra state. Because of its greenery and mountains, people usually come here to spend time and get mental peace. Visitors come here for trekking and experience the wether that they usually don’t see in the cities. For a Lonavala Tour, make arrangements according to the weather. For a honeymoon couple, Stay In Lonavala will be the perfect destination to enjoy. People freely roam around and see the dense forests and waterfalls that make the landscape very attractive. Waterfall, dense trees and whether make this place the first choice for many.

For Lonavala Package, visitors all over the country come here and spend time relaxing and go for an adventurous ride. The government officials have made various parks for the citizens and the tourists that they can easily access whatever facility they want. Lonavala Tourism offers various facilities to the visitors if they are stuck at any point in Lonavala. They are very cordial with tourists. The local people here are also very cordial and have helped people in the rainy season when they got stuck there. Make a visit to Lonavala and explore as much as you can.

Top Places To Visit In Lonavala

If you are making up your mind to visit Lonavala then first go through the places that are worth watching. You need to do some research to visit the places that bring some interest and is within your budget. Also, look for Lonavala Resort Packages Online that brings you comfort and homely vibe. Make sure you get maximum amenities in your package. For Lonavala Sightseeing, we have top destinations for you which you can choose from the list to add to your package.

Tiger Leap

The name is given to this place because of the familiarity of the shape of that of a tiger leaping into the valley. From Lonavala, tiger heap is around 8km which visitors can easily cover during their Lonavala Tour. The tiger leap gives an incredible view of the hills and the western ghats. The mountain range is over 650 meters and tourists love to visit this place as it the center of attraction. Another interesting point of this tiger leap is that you can experience echo on the top of the cliff. Visitors can also look for Places To Stay In Lonavala.

Bushi Dam

Bushi Dam is a dam which is best to visit during the monsoons. People on large numbers come to visit this dam during monsoon. Well, visitors are not allowed to do swimming here but they can sit nearby the steps where water sprinkles on the faces and cool breezes relax your mind. It’s not that far from the main city. You can easily make a trip to this dam. There are certain prohibited areas that you must avoid as it might risk your life. The government officials have made strong fencing that you don’t have to worry at all.

Rajmachi Fort

This fort is present on the top of the hills and covers a distance of 15 km from Lonavala. As this fort is present in the hills, you can go for trekking to reach the top of the hill. This fort is constructed on Shrivardhan peak which carries a height of approximately 3000 feet. To start your trekking you can start from the tungarli lake to reach the top of the hill. The fort has an amazing beauty that entices every foreigner and the local visitors. You can look for Lonavala Hotels near the hill or the lake from where you can start your trekking to reach the hilltop. Don’t skip to visit this fort. Immediately add this place in your package.

Aambey Valley

The incredible valley is around 24 km from Lonavala. It is a very famous picnic spot and most of the tourists come to visit this place. If you have booked your package do mention this place as it is worth watching. You can go for trekking or you can even do water sport activities. Three massive artificial lakes have been constructed which makes the look of the valley more attractive. It will hardly take one hour from Lonavala to reach this exotic place. Plan this trip for a day and enjoy the greenery and mountains surrounding you.

Karla Caves

This incredible cave is the oldest Buddhist shrine in India. You must visit this place. It is situated on the Mumbai Pune highway and is very easy to reach in a day. This cave is beautifully designed during ancient times. Its architecture showed the signs of Buddhism and is still kept in good condition. Its architectural construction will surely make your interest in knowing the history behind it. If you are planning to visit this place then you don’t have to think about when to come. Simply pack your bag to reach this place. The climate here is always moderate. Do carry your water bottles and sunglasses to this place.


For your reference, we are giving a general itinerary that will go for most of the packages. In case you feel you want to include anything in your package you can ask for it from the various travel agencies that you are dealing with. You only have to pay an extra apart from your package. The itinerary includes,

  • Air tickets
  • Hotel stay
  • Transfer ( Airport to the hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wi-fi


Booking for a package makes sure that all are well checked before. If you are having any problem with any of the services you can ask for the amenities. We have discussed the general itinerary that will give you an idea so you’ll be prepared beforehand.

  • Sightseeing
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Activities
  • Tourist guide

Devote time to visit such beautiful places in Lonavala. You’ll feel relaxed and a break will increase your productivity of work. Beautiful mountains and lakes bring calm to the eyes. Sometimes attractive offers online may make your work simple and you immediately plan a Lonavala Tour.

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