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For many people, Paris is their dream destination. For Paris Attractions, make a list of the destinations that interest you. Most of the people always wish to roam in France and see their vintage palaces and art museums. Paris is generally situated on the banks of the Seine river in northern France. Paris is well known for its iconic architecture of historical monuments, cathedrals, landscaped gardens, art museums, and super stylish shopping marts. Your Trip To Paris will give an incredible experience for your lifetime.

There are plenty of Paris Tourist Attractions which is a dream of many people. If you too want to make it to this place and explore the beauty then look for affordable packages that are not too heavy on your pocket. Paris is known for the fashion industry where celebrities, models and other entertainment artists perform catwalk on the ramp. The iconic Eiffel Tower is also famous all over the world. There is numerous Paris Sightseeing that you can enjoy once you add in your Paris Package. In fact, so many photographers from all over the world come here to capture the beauty of nature as well as the glimpses of Paris fashion week.

Places To Visit In Paris

There are many Paris Tourist Places that you can plan with your family, friends and dear ones. There are so many sites available that give attractive offers to their customers. For Paris Tour Package, you should know what all places are present which are worth watching. We have made your work easy by giving you a brief description of the places that you can visit and definitely will interest you. You can, in fact, look for Cheap Hotels In Paris that offer comfort. Paris Hotels are extremely popular and attract honeymoon couples and families.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower is one of the renowned symbols all across the world. Every individual knows about this tower and of course, you must have studied about it in your textbooks. The Tower is the most visited site in the world. The tower is located on the champ de mars space where visitors are greeted on its three levels. The first two floors are with the restaurants and the third one with the observation deck. During the evening, you’ll come across beautiful lights and sounds for five minutes every hour. This time tourists mostly come to visit the tower and see the exotic beauty. You can include the Eiffel tour in your Paris City Tour. This is the busiest roads in the Paris city and during the evening the complete environment changes by the lighting and sound effects in the Eiffel tower. To visit any destination take France Packages which will include the Louvre, Eiffel tour, museums, etc.

The Louvre Museum

This exotic museum is a beautiful landmark monument which is considered the world’s largest museum. The louvre museum is located on the banks of the seine. The world’s largest museum has outstanding art collection in Egyptian antiques, greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities. Islamic art, sculptures, paintings, prints, and drawings. The world-famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is also placed here. Don't forget to take Hop On Hop Off Paris ride as this is the famous transport of Paris. At the main entrance of the museum, you’ll notice the inverted pyramid which was built as a part of the Grand Louvre plan. This is especially for all those visitors who love collecting historical art pieces or have a deep interest in them.

Notre Dame


Notre dame is a catholic church known for its exotic beauty where the liturgical objects are made of gold during the 17 and the 18 century. You’ll be surprised by the view of the church once you enter the entrance. the construction of the church began in 1100 and completed in 1345. During the revolution in the 19 century, it was damaged. In April 2019, it caught fire and again the overall structure was preserved where only the roof part and aspire got damaged. While your Trip To France you can visit this catholic church you can book Hotels In Paris France.




It is a catholic church that and is dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus which represents the love of Jesus Christ. This is the second-highest point of the city after the Eiffel tower. Similarly to the Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur also has an observation deck which is located in the central dome. The view from this church looks like the shimmering golden city of Paris. The Construction of the basilica began in 1875 and finished in 1914. Do include this in your Paris City Tour as it is an emerging political and emerging tourist stance.


If you are planning for a Paris Package, then by seeing this you’ll get a rough idea of what all will be included in your package. This way you can choose the items that are favorable to you. The itinerary you’ll receive may not be totally ok for you but you can choose for extra amenities by paying them more apart from the itinerary. The itinerary includes,

  • Air tickets
  • Hotel stay
  • Transfer (airport to the hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast


People generally don’t know what all exclude so they get confused at the time of booking a Paris Tour Package. We have shared some general information that will help you in resolving your problems. You can keep a budget accordingly and communicate with the travel agents about the services.

  • Sightseeing
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Tourist guide
  • any activities

Whenever you are planning to go to Paris Sightseeing then make arrangements respectively. Take a short break from work and travel to Paris city to explore. Take your family and see the beautiful landscapes and their cultural heritage and museums that interest you. To visit the museum, take your Paris Museum Pass along with you. Watching the art and sculptures you’ll definitely be enticed with their work culture, ancient temples, and their beauty. Paris government is doing well for the development of tourist attractions and looking forward to better amenities.

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