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Shimla is a beautiful hill station and known for its coldest climatic conditions. Its most of the region is covered with snow during the winter season. If you are a mountain person and love enjoying snow activities then you are in the right place. Shimla is the capital of the state Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is not only known for its weather but it is also known for apples, woolen clothes, dry fruits, and few vegetables which are only seen in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla Tourism has worked a lot in engaging the life of Shimla to all visitors who travel here. Shimla is a place that was completely ruled by Britishers and most of their constructed buildings are still there which are now schools, colleges, and offices of the Himachal government.

You can easily look up online for Shimla Package covering maximum places as possible. During winters, you can easily book your package at nominal rates. You simply have to communicate and compare the package and your budget. See what all travel agents are offering you and whatnot. Also, book Hotels In Shimla that provide maximum comfort and are presentable enough. Shimla hotels are famous for their cleanliness and services. You can trust their service. The city lives are very simple and you’ll hardly see people after 8 in the evening during the winter. It gets chilled outside and heavy snowfall experience can be dangerous at times.

Best Places To Visit In Shimla

Shimla Trip will be very exciting only if you have some idea of the places. Only then you’ll be able to decide which place is worth watching. We have described the top places that you must visit and make your journey a memorable one. In case you are stuck at some point, you can take the help of local people. They are very cordial to visitors. As stated above, we have come up with top destinations that you must visit once in your trip to Shimla.

The Ridge

This is the center place of Shimla where tourists come and enjoy every cultural activity that frequently takes place. While your visit to Shimla Tour, you’ll be surprised by the crowd here. The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh come here to raise the flag and give a speech on every occasion. Here you’ll get the best Chinese food and Pahari cuisine that will entice you. The Ridge is called as “The mall” where you can click pictures in completely Himachali attire and go for a horse riding to nearby places.  After you visit this place a nearby place is also very famous for wooden items and woolen clothes. If you love doing shopping then this place is for you. The street market here is very cheap so you can bargain if needed.

The Christ Church

This is a very famous church in Shimla and was constructed during 1846. It is located in the last corner of the ridge. It is regarded as the landmark and visitors are very much enticed by seeing a historical church in Shimla. As stated most of the buildings were constructed during British rule and this is one such monument of that time. You can look for Best Hotels In Shimla near the mall road because this place is situated in the center of the city. This church is opened during Sundays for long hours and you can see a lot of light and sound here.

Bantony Castle

Just by looking at it you’ll experience that it has something to do with the history of Himachal. In Himachal,  there is a district Sirmaur where a maharaja used to live. The king got this mansion constructed which was completely made of red bricks. Its establishments took place in the year 1880. Many legal battles have taken place during that time. This would be really interesting to know the history of this place. So for public use, it is kept open all day. There are specific timings for all visitors. You can visit the mansion and see cultural costumes and utensils at that time. 

Himachal State Museum

In your Shimla Tour Package, do include this place. Its a place for all who love to recall the history and customs. Here you’ll come across traditional jewelry, stonework, wooden carvings, traditional costumes, etc. Himachal has a little blend of Punjabi food and Punjabi language. Himachal cuisine is very tasty and you’ll come across so many vegetables whose names you have never heard off.

Jakhu Temple

Himachal Pradesh is stated as “dev bhumi” because of various beliefs in gods that were present here during that time. Pandavs were here and people worship them.  So many temples are present that depicts stories of their presence. In Jakhu temple, people come to worship lord hanuman. It is said that when Hanuman Ji was flying with the Sanjeevani, they landed here and took some rest. His footsteps can be seen here. The most interesting thing about the temple is that the entire temple is full of monkeys. People come to worship this temple and also see so many monkeys here which is really an interesting thing to know. 


If you are planning for a Shimla Package, then by seeing this you’ll get a rough idea of what all will be included in your package. This way you can choose the items that are favorable to you.

  • Air tickets
  • transfer(station to the hotel and vice versa)
  • Complimentary breakfast


People generally don’t know what all exclude so they get confused at the time of booking a Shimla Package. We have shared some general information that will help you in resolving your problems. You can keep a budget accordingly and communicate with the travel agents about the services.

  • Sightseeing charges
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Tourist guide
  • Sports activities

Whenever you are planning to go, do include Shimla Manali Package along with it. Take a short break from work and travel to the mountains to explore and experience the fresh air which you generally never see in metro cities now. Take your family and see the beautiful landscapes and their cultural heritage. You’ll definitely be enticed with their work culture and their beauty.  Shimla Tourism is doing well for the development of tourist attractions and looking forward to better amenities. 

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